Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here are some pics....

Here are some pics of butterbean....aka....Charley Olivia

*After giving birth to Charley--My eyes were full of tears because I finally delivered our princess.

Here are some comments from friends:
Melinda Hawley Way to go Alicia. You look beautiful even after labor. Incredible.
Heather Parker It was so awesome!

 The morning she was born..
Here are some comments from friends-
Brittany Martin precious!!!!!!

March 30 at 10:29am · LikeUnlike.Felicia Johnson Congratulations! Motherhood is one of the best life adventures a woman can take.

March 30 at 10:30am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Anne Mosher-Wickstrom She is beautiful just like her momma.....

March 30 at 10:30am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Krystal Wynter Congrats :)

March 30 at 10:31am · LikeUnlike.Kenshawn Williams Yes shes here congrats lish I gotta meet her

March 30 at 10:31am · LikeUnlike.Alicia Jones One month early, 6lbs 130z., 19 1/2 inches

March 30 at 10:32am · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading....Michael Slade What a cutie!!!

March 30 at 10:34am · LikeUnlike.Erin Kennedy Tonge She's stunning!

March 30 at 10:35am · LikeUnlike .Beyonca Kinnard She is big to be a whole month early!
Telicia Arthur She is Beautiful!!! She looks just like you, and you were right, she does have your nose :D I'm looking forward to meeting her in the coming weeks. Take care :)

March 30 at 10:35am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Jared Ligon Congrats,I see you on her

March 30 at 10:38am · LikeUnlike.Myaleah Thomas She is beautiful!!!!!!!!

March 30 at 10:40am · LikeUnlike.Arthur Tray'e Heard Congrats, Alicia! She is so beautiful, ma!

March 30 at 10:41am · LikeUnlike.Christine Sosa Congratulations !!!! She is beautiful !! God bless

March 30 at 10:42am · LikeUnlike.Gosia Mercer Congratulations!!!!!!! She is adorable:)

March 30 at 10:43am · LikeUnlike.Allen Walker Congratulations Alicia!!!!!

March 30 at 10:45am · LikeUnlike.Julanka Jones Look at my baby.... She is your mini me.

March 30 at 10:47am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Kisha Davis Sooooo Pretty!!!

March 30 at 10:48am · LikeUnlike.Laura McHann Geissler Oh Alicia she looks just like you ♥ Absolutely gorgeous!

March 30 at 10:49am · LikeUnlike.Tashiria Santiago Underwood SHE IS GORGEOUS!

March 30 at 10:49am · LikeUnlike.Nesha Hairstylist Jackson O m g! Yes Licia! Your twin! She looks just like you! One day u gotta post ur baby pic next to hers...crazy! She a cutie patutie! Congrats mama! Enjoy evry moment...they grow so fast. Hi Charley!!

March 30 at 10:50am · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Yuri Garcia AWE!!!! CUTIE!!!

March 30 at 10:52am · LikeUnlike.RaShonda Allen Wow! Alicia she is soo beautiful! She looks just like you!
Reggie Carson Congratulations!!!!!!! Awwwwwww so adorable!

March 30 at 10:55am · LikeUnlike.Zane Hernandez-Rodgers Congrats she is adorable!!!! Enjoy her!!!!!

March 30 at 10:55am · LikeUnlike.Kelly Flanagan McCormick So excited for you!!

March 30 at 10:55am · LikeUnlike.LaRhonda Mebane Congrats! She is a cutie!

March 30 at 10:56am · LikeUnlike.Ellisha 'honiedip' Clay beautiful!! congrats alicia!

March 30 at 10:59am · LikeUnlike.Michelle Jorden Oh My she looks just like you! What a beauty! Hi Charley :)

March 30 at 11:00am · LikeUnlike.Yasmeen Aliosel Congrats Licia, so glad I was there with u. I enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait to c u guys in a few.

March 30 at 11:01am · LikeUnlike.Sherika Bennett She is beautiful Mommie

March 30 at 11:01am · LikeUnlike.James Harris CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 30 at 11:10am · LikeUnlike.Carrie Wheeler Beautiful! Take care Mommy!!

March 30 at 11:14am · LikeUnlike.Sabel Smith Alicia she looks jus like u! She is BEAUTIFUL:-)

March 30 at 11:17am · LikeUnlike.Aaron Moreno God bless and congrats so happy for you!!

March 30 at 11:30am · LikeUnlike.Constanza Caggiano Congrats mama. Enjoy the fun coming your way. Xo

March 30 at 11:33am · LikeUnlike.Gabrielle Jones congratz big cuz she is beautiful your gona make a great mommy :-)

March 30 at 11:36am · LikeUnlike.Olivia Oj Jones Awww look at my Olivia!

March 30 at 11:36am · LikeUnlike.Lena Moore Garrison SOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeri Davis Love her already!

March 30 at 11:40am · LikeUnlike.Kenyatta Garrison Parker Yep....that's your twin Licia! Awe, so precious ♥

March 30 at 11:42am · LikeUnlike.Ryan Hutson Lee she's beautiful ;)

March 30 at 11:54am · LikeUnlike.Mike Gordon congratulations mommy!!!

March 30 at 11:54am · LikeUnlike.Rodney Paige A precious little jewel. Good job mom!

March 30 at 11:56am · LikeUnlike.Tamika Garrett Alicia she is just adorable! Congratulations its nothing like motherhood.

March 30 at 11:57am · LikeUnlike.Kerry-Anne Brown Wow Licia she's precious, very beautiful! Thank God for a healthy princess, enjoy! Muuaah

March 30 at 11:59am · LikeUnlike.Kina Floyd So sweet! Congrats girl!

March 30 at 12:02pm · LikeUnlike.Angela Herring AWW! She is adorable :D Enjoy her and all the early years girl! NOW my TURN!! SO ready to have Baby Ruth ;)

March 30 at 12:02pm · LikeUnlike.Bonnie Bailey Congrats!! She is beautiful, let the fun begin!! You are going to be a great mother, please keep us posted.

March 30 at 12:11pm · LikeUnlike.Kanema TruelyBlessed Charley is so cute. She looks just like you.

March 30 at 12:13pm · LikeUnlike.Tara Gerdes Moreno Gift straight from God! She is precious, Congrats :) Gives new meaning to love at first sight huh?!

March 30 at 12:16pm · LikeUnlike.Shavon Chatmon Beautiful!

March 30 at 12:28pm · LikeUnlike.Terrence Hotshot Wilson congrats alicia

Shandra Pledger Awwww she so precious and beautiful. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations

March 30 at 12:36pm · LikeUnlike.Michael N Cooper Welcome to the world

March 30 at 12:37pm · LikeUnlike.Jenny Santana Congratulation ! So happy for you

March 30 at 12:50pm · LikeUnlike.Shawanda Wilson congratulations Alicia! Can't wait to meet her! You're going to be a great mom!

March 30 at 12:53pm · LikeUnlike.Carmen Baggit May God stay present & the family stay strong in his word. May the angels camp out forever with your child. Welcome to the hottest membership on earth Parenthood!Congrats to you both.

March 30 at 1:04pm · LikeUnlike.Tameka L. Shannon Beautiful!

March 30 at 1:25pm · LikeUnlike.Veronica Matthews Congrats, she is beautiful!

March 30 at 1:44pm · LikeUnlike.Liza Mayo she is presious

March 30 at 1:55pm · LikeUnlike.Janita Williams what a cutie pie, and yes, she is def. your twin

March 30 at 2:13pm · LikeUnlike.Dani Vegas The cutest bean ever!! Congrats to you mama and the papa!!! :)

March 30 at 2:15pm · LikeUnlike.Tarasha Shirley She looks just like you!

March 30 at 3:19pm · LikeUnlike.Kerri Moore What an amazing little girl God bless you and the little one

March 30 at 3:51pm · LikeUnlike.Syreeta MizzReady Cutiepatootie!

March 30 at 4:04pm · LikeUnlike.Bj Glaze She's beautiful Alicia!

March 30 at 4:16pm · LikeUnlike.Candace Honeybunn Williams How in the world do a newborn look just like you...she's a cutie...congrads
Dione Michelle Alexander congratulations

March 30 at 4:25pm · LikeUnlike.Toni Hertwig Benson Alicia, Charley looks just like you! I know you are going to hear that over and over again...but she's a little beauty queen! I am gonna let you be with your family today and tomorrow and I will see you this weekend!

March 30 at 4:26pm · LikeUnlike.Debbie Dobine Alica I know how long you wanted this moment and now it's here. God Bless... she is sooo adorable ( Looks just like you)......

March 30 at 4:37pm · LikeUnlike.Susanne Schildhaus She is perfect. Cute and lovely. Wonderful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 30 at 5:03pm · LikeUnlike.Melissa Barletta Fuller She is so beautiful. Congrats again.

March 30 at 5:07pm · LikeUnlike.Quarius Still Standing Johnson OMG!!!!! LOOKS just like mommy!!!! beautifUL!!!

March 30 at 5:40pm · LikeUnlike.Simone Silva Carson Beautiful Alicia! God Bless your little angel!!!

March 30 at 6:25pm · LikeUnlike.Courtney Griffin awwwww

March 30 at 6:52pm · LikeUnlike.Donald Little hold up@!! she here!?

March 30 at 7:08pm · LikeUnlike.Sabrina Self Muller aww she's a mini you! Congrats Alicia :D

March 30 at 7:16pm · LikeUnlike.Wanda Merriweather Beautiful baby! Congrats!

March 30 at 7:34pm · LikeUnlike.Deyanna Green awwww Alicia congrats

March 30 at 8:28pm · LikeUnlike.Patricia Burton Congrats! beautiful.... It seems like yesterday u were telling me about babycenter!!!! She is sooo lucky to have u.... congrats again:...-). Your twin....

March 30 at 9:13pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Tangela Gibson Walton Congratulations Alicia! She is beautiful and she is your twin! Amazing :-)

Melinda Hawley thrilled beyond words...!

March 30 at 11:08pm · UnlikeLike · 2 peopleLoading....Odrice Eugene Such a beautiful baby. I never really understood love until I had mine, unconditional has a whole new meaning. Congrats enjoy the next few months you will have a sore face from all the smiling I swear.

March 31 at 7:01am · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Odrice Eugene My baby was born at Northside!!!

March 31 at 7:04am · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Shavonda Lewis She's gorgeous Alicia. Can't wait to meet her!

March 31 at 8:56am · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Nikita Richardson Where are my thumbs! :) Congrats!!

 **After her first feeding

Here are some comments:
Izzy Guillot Sweetness! Love da fact ur pedicure is on point. Xoxo!!!!

March 30 at 7:32pm · UnlikeLike · 2 peopleLoading....Alicia Jones I thinks she's beginning to look like daddy

March 30 at 7:32pm · LikeUnlike.Quarius Still Standing Johnson Precious as can be!!! And I see your pretty feet!! lol

March 30 at 7:32pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Soya Taghavipour her so pwettyyyyyy..and peaceful..i enjoyed holding her..and leesh u know u r showing off ur pretty ass feet in the backgroud lol

March 30 at 7:34pm · UnlikeLike · 3 peopleLoading....Sheila Marie Spirito Rodriguez Congrats! Such a sweet girl!

March 30 at 7:42pm · LikeUnlike.Sharon White She is beautiful Alicia!!!

March 30 at 7:43pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Toni Dent aww she's so cute and chubby

March 30 at 7:44pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Mp Trilogy ummmmm ok did I go to sleep for 2 weeks and just wake up?!? When did lil poom poom come? OMG!!!! Uncle baby is so cute~ Make sure you tell her, my place was bumped by Rodrick W Pikes but thats ok, she still is uncle's baby!!!! :) Congrats Licia!!!!

March 30 at 7:49pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personYou like this..Toni Hertwig Benson OKay, nose up she's you and she's def got her daddy's mouth. Ya gotta wait on face shape, but she's a great mix! Ya done good, girl! lol

March 30 at 7:49pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Dani Vegas awww peaceful beans! :) congrats alicia & papa (i dunno his name, sorry! lol)♥ ♥
Nicole Hover Congratulations Alicia, she's beautiful, what a gift! I also love the pedi!

March 30 at 7:52pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Kanema TruelyBlessed She is so cuteI can wait to meet her.

March 30 at 8:32pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Jenni Tilton Rapp She is beautiful Alicia.... Love the toes!

March 30 at 8:35pm · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Kimberly Peterson CONGRATULATIONS Alicia!!!! She's beautiful.

March 30 at 8:43pm · LikeUnlike.Elizabeth O'Dell sweet! :)

March 30 at 10:01pm · LikeUnlike.Angela Herring She is beautiful girl!!

March 30 at 10:47pm · UnlikeLike · 2 peopleLoading....Alicia Jones Just chubby cheeks...she isn't chubby at all. She gets her cheeks from me. lol.

March 30 at 10:52pm · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Myaleah Thomas sooo sweet!!

March 30 at 10:59pm · LikeUnlike.Angela Herring All the chubbiness is in the right place girl! SO thrilled and happy for you :) I am so ready to meet our newest princess!

March 30 at 11:02pm · LikeUnlike.Melinda Hawley precious, precious.

March 30 at 11:09pm · LikeUnlike.Telicia Arthur Oh Wow! look at those cheeks! adorable. I hope I will get to see her this weekend. Again, Congratulations to you all! :) I am just really excited about the new babies I know that are coming this year :)

March 30 at 11:10pm · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Jessica Timmons Awwww babe she is adorable!!! Congrads and u are going to be a great mother!!!! Muahhhhhhhhhhh

March 30 at 11:17pm · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading....Cessna Kleinmoedig-Veeris Aawww! Adorable!

March 31 at 1:05am · LikeUnlike.Shawana Pyt Michelle Too cute and ur feet look pretty too

March 31 at 6:31am · LikeUnlike.Michael Slade Alicia, she looks just like you!

Jeri Davis Cute toes! Gorgeous baby!

March 31 at 1:10pm · LikeUnlike.Terry Hartman Congrats are in other, and enjoy the rest of yall life together because it will have some up in downs but through it all give the most love you can. I am sure you will. Take care of my god niece.

March 31 at 5:07pm · LikeUnlike.Liz Jones very beautiful baby girl lica enjoy every moment you share with her... tell buttercut congrats to.

Friday at 1:52am · LikeUnlike.Shavon Chatmon So uuhh, do we focus on the toes or the baby? lol Girl dem footsies are fierce!!!!! but at the end of the day Charley is freakin Gorgeous!!!!

Saturday at 1:35am · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading....Rodrick W Pikes At least your toes were done! Lol

 **Cousin Janessa holding Charley

Here are some comments:
Quarius Still Standing Johnson Awe swweett and cute!! ♥

March 30 at 10:43pm · LikeUnlike.Telicia Arthur So cute :)

March 30 at 11:01pm · LikeUnlike.Nichole N Andy She is sooo cute! Congrats girlie! :)

March 30 at 11:24pm · LikeUnlike.Gosia Mercer Oh my gosh.....she is the cutest baby ever :) let me know when you'll get home, I would love to visit you and Charley :)

March 31 at 1:59am · LikeUnlike.Kanema TruelyBlessed So cute

March 31 at 2:00am · LikeUnlike.Yuri Garcia about time! :)

March 31 at 3:31am · LikeUnlike.Vesta Burns Great pictures! Keep em coming!

**Grandma, Nessa and Baby Charley (Couple of hours old)
Here are some comments:
Quarius Still Standing Johnson Proud Grandmommy..;)

March 30 at 10:45pm · LikeUnlike.Deanna Chaffin Slone Yeah Sarah!!!! :) Beautiful grandbabies!

March 30 at 11:11pm · LikeUnlike.Laura McHann Geissler What a beautiful picture ♥

March 30 at 11:31pm · LikeUnlike.Yuri Garcia AWE!!! cute pic!

March 31 at 3:31am · LikeUnlike.Sarah Jones Thanks everyone she is such a cutie

March 31 at 10:01am · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading....Quarius Still Standing Johnson u r WELCOME AND YES SHE IS! PRECIOUS..:)

March 31 at 10:21am · LikeUnlike.Heather Consillio AWwww look at the ladies....i wish i was there too
 **Mommy and charlie --Few hours old.
Here are some comments:
Melissa Barletta Fuller You are going to be such a great mommy.

March 31 at 7:21am · LikeUnlike.Yuri Garcia AWE...tissue!!

March 31 at 7:29am · LikeUnlike.Kanema TruelyBlessed Priceless

March 31 at 7:32am · LikeUnlike.Robyn Perry Sweet! Xoxo

March 31 at 8:11am · LikeUnlike.Ebony Smith OMG get off FB for 2 days and miss it!! Congratz sweetie she is so cuteee!

March 31 at 8:15am · LikeUnlike.Myaleah Thomas soooo beautiful!!!

March 31 at 8:17am · LikeUnlike.Quarius Still Standing Johnson PRECIOUS LAMBS OF GOD!!! ♥

March 31 at 8:20am · LikeUnlike.Kerri Moore What a beauiful moment bwt mommy and daughter

March 31 at 8:21am · LikeUnlike.Jessica Danielle Smith Precious!

March 31 at 8:32am · LikeUnlike.Cessna Kleinmoedig-Veeris AAWWHH!! These are the moments you do it for :-)

March 31 at 8:55am · LikeUnlike.Yasmeen Aliosel Love it.....priceless!!!

March 31 at 10:08am · LikeUnlike.Shalonda Williams Aww licia! she is so adorable...tear!!
March 31 at 10:56am · LikeUnlike.Shonnie Brinagh Precious Moments:) She is gorgeous girlie!!! I can't wait to meet her. Welcome to the Pretty Mommies Club!!!

March 31 at 12:00pm · LikeUnlike.Donald Patrick congrats

March 31 at 12:56pm · LikeUnlike.LA Benn CONGRATS!!!
Kerri Moore Love this picture

March 31 at 6:15pm · LikeUnlike.Walter J M Pedersen ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... tears!! So proud of you 'mommy'

March 31 at 8:49pm · LikeUnlike.Craig Roberson Congrats, beautiful just like mommie!

March 31 at 10:13pm · LikeUnlike.Simone Silva Carson She is beautiful Mommy!

Friday at 3:12am · LikeUnlike.Angela Herring ‎:D awww! I love it! Now Izzie needs to come on :D

Friday at 6:05pm · LikeUnlike.LaTrell Hill Williams Congrats, sweets!

Friday at 9:03pm · LikeUnlike.Bj Glaze sweet Alicia! Charley is beautiful just like her mommy!

**Heading to first Pediatrics Appt.
Here are some comments:
Dianexis Rodriguez AWWW!!!!!!!!!

Friday at 2:01pm · LikeUnlike.Alicia Jones She looks like a fake doll... Mommy and Daddy made a beautiful baby.

Friday at 2:02pm · LikeUnlike · 5 peopleLoading....Niesha Burnett she's gorgeous alicia but i didn't expect anything less!! lol @ the socks that's how they are

Friday at 2:04pm · LikeUnlike.Brittany Martin Ohhhh my! she looks just like you!!!! i just want to squeeze her!! precious!!

Friday at 2:06pm · LikeUnlike.Melissa Ortiz Is that your baby???? Awwe! I didnt know you had the baby! Congrats she is beautiful! :)

Friday at 2:14pm · LikeUnlike.Alicia Jones Yes, that's Charley. She came a month early.
Friday at 2:15pm · LikeUnlike.Laura McHann Geissler Beautiful ♥

Friday at 2:20pm · LikeUnlike.Kanema TruelyBlessed Very cute

Friday at 2:23pm · LikeUnlike.Tamika Garrett She is just adorable!! I can just kiss her face off.

Friday at 2:25pm · LikeUnlike.Yasmeen Aliosel Omg, I love her.

Friday at 2:27pm · LikeUnlike.Sabrina Butler-Dean awwwwww look at there she so beautiful....girl congrads!!!!!!!!!!

Friday at 2:29pm · LikeUnlike.Johnnetta Smith She is precious! I love her and haven't even met her! Look at those little toes, how cute! I wish you and your beautiful nothing but happiness and the best of luck!!

Friday at 2:34pm · LikeUnlike.Deanna Chaffin Slone Can't wait to meet her! Will she be a gold or a silver girl?

Toni Hertwig Benson Oh my goodness, she's just getting cuter and cuter!!!!I can't wait to see her this weekend!

Friday at 3:00pm · LikeUnlike.Yuri Garcia AWE!!!! cute!!!

Friday at 3:03pm · LikeUnlike.Aaron Moreno awee too cute she adorable..

Friday at 3:14pm · LikeUnlike.Quarius Still Standing Johnson Aww precious Charley!!!!! I can't til u see her precious gear this Sunday! ;) ♥

Friday at 4:02pm · LikeUnlike.Kina Floyd is that her IN the carseat?! She is so tiny you cant tell she is in one! so cute!
Friday at 5:33pm · LikeUnlike.Kina Floyd ya it does!

Friday at 5:35pm · LikeUnlike.Tara Douglas Congrats! She is so adorable:) I know you are proud!

Friday at 6:05pm · LikeUnlike.Soya Taghavipour i see u AND terrence in her face..she's a splitting image of both of u! beautiful :0)

Friday at 6:26pm · LikeUnlike.Melinda Hawley LOVE how her little hands are covered and her little toes are free. This is one beautiful baby girl, Alicia. And you're doing SCHOOL work already. A for Amazing.

Friday at 7:07pm · LikeUnlike.Kerri Moore Congrats she is very beautiful

Friday at 8:22pm · LikeUnlike.Jovanda Vega Bolden How precious life is... makes you look at Life a little different???

Friday at 8:34pm · LikeUnlike.LaTrell Hill Williams Girl don't you know, you're so beautiful!

Wow, she is gorgeous, Licia! Congrats, girlie!

Friday at 9:00pm · LikeUnlike.Janita Williams Cherish her always, though I know you will. Smile

Friday at 11:48pm · LikeUnlike.Shavon Chatmon OMG, can i just hold her? plz, pretty plz!!!! Can I have her for 1 whole day!!!

Lola Toney Beautiful little cutie:) I see that you went with a little pink and

Saturday at 12:56am · LikeUnlike.Arthur Tray'e Heard Too cute!
More pics from the hospital and comments to come. Just have to get them from Daddy and Toni.

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